Charlie's Crewneck Unisex


We love positive vibes! 

Are you prepared for tomorrow's day of fishing? Do you barely sleep because you are full of thoughts of what will be at the end of your line next day? Wondering if the fish will prefer technique A or technique B, or maybe lure C? 

You wake up early o'clock, and wonder.. why did I choose this to be my hobby? 

No time to overthink this one: RISE AND SHINE, IT'S FISHING TIME!

This crewneck keeps you motivated and warm during the day! 

Wondering how to wash off the fishing smell?

Toss the crewneck inside out in the washing machine, below 40 degrees celsius is the best temperature to wash. The crewneck will rise and shine way more times when dried hanging, and please don't iron! 

65% polyester and 35%  cotton