Rapala Crushcity Cleanup Craw


The Rapala Crushcity Cleanup Craw is part of Rapala’s first and newest softbait range. A perfect softbait for Perch and Zander. 

Rapala Crush City Cleanup Craw is designed for several techniques: Carolina rig, Ned rig, Cheburashka rig, Texas rig, and we even fished it succesfully on a regular jighead. The Cleanup Craw features two large aggressively flanged claws that produce a tight kicking action. The heavily ribbed design also helps move a ton of water and hides your hook points for easy weedless rigging.

Using Smart Injection Technology, each bait combines custom combinations of color, flake, salt, and scent, that are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation.

7PCS per package

8.8 CM / 3,5" inch