Fishing the Wicked Worm!

Fishing the Wicked Worm!

In this blogpost I will explain how to fish the Wicked Worm, and why it is so seriously effective!


If you follow us on social media you might have seen us fishing with the wicked worm quite a lot lately. The reason why? It's such an easy way to catch a whole lot of fish, and different species from a single fishing spot. 

The Wicked Worm is designed for Ned-Rig fishing. A style of fishing which might sound like it's something that belongs to the pro's, but it's actually easier than fishing a regular softbait. Fishing it is fun, easy and super effective!


This is the way you present the wicked worm on the bottom of your desired fishing spot. The rocks are just an example, it will also stand up on other sorts of bottom. 


Where to fish the Wicked Worm? 

Before you start casting out a Wicked Worm I suggest you find a place that contains fish. I use hardbaits like the Shad Rap Elite or softbaits like the Chewy to find fish. This is an easy way to make a couple of casts and find out where the fish is located. Perch and Zander love to swim in groups, so once you catch one; there is more fish on the spot. 

When I catch the first fish from a particular spot; I switch over to the Wicked Worm. Fishing the Wicked Worm on a Ned-Rig does not disturb the rest of the group too much, while other techniques do. 

For as far as we fished the Wicked Worm; it doesn't really matter what the bottom structure is, as long as it's not too weedy on the bottom! 


How to fish the Wicked Worm?

Getting used to a new technique can be quite tricky; trust me, I know ;) But Ned-Rig fishing is actually easier than fishing a regular softbait. Here is how it goes:

  • Step one: Cast out
  • Step two: Let it sink to the bottom freely (don't put pressure on the line)

Right now it stands up straight on the bottom. This is a presentation you want to have all the time the bait is down in the water!

  • Step three: Make 2 or 3 twitches with your rod, letting the lure hop 20 to 30 centimeter at a time. 
  • Step four: Let sink down with no tension on the line, so the bait will stand up again. 
  • Step five: hold still for 3 to 5 seconds with tension on the line. 

As you wil notice: 90% of all strikes come when the lure is standing there for a second or 2. You will feel a hit on your rod tip, or slowly feel something is dragging the Wicked Worm away. Once you get a big hit you set the hook, if you feel the bait walking away you can wait 1 second to have a better hookset.

Warning: Wicked Worm fishing is super addictive!


During late summer the Wicked Worm starts to be effective, when it turns autumn it really goes wild and you can fish it up to spawning season. Tip from us: During autumn fish massively start to migrate to winter spots. If you find out which parts of waters they swim through you should not be surprised to catch big quantities of fish!


Big perch love them!


Combine your favorite color Wicked Worm with a VMC Ned Rig Jig and start catching! We also have Wicked Worm Specials which you should definetly check out! 


The biggest perch so far is by Pieter Vroman, an astonishing 54cm perch! Congrats!! :)




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