LureJunks D-craw


Lure Junks D-Craw 8,9 cm
The D-Craw imitates with its detailed and natural design the native, as well as the immigrated crayfish species in perfection. Air chambers are incorporated in the thick holding claws, which provide extreme buoyancy of the claws. When the D-Craw comes to rest, it not only straightens the claws, but also raises the upper body regardless of the fishing method (C-Rig, T-Rig, Free-Rig or on the Skirted-Jig) and thus shows a natural defensive posture, which makes the predatory fish know and grab without suspicion.

For winter fishing a fantastic bait, which can be presented quietly and sensitively, but also in the summer as a trailer an absolute must. The thick claws, the feelers, as well as the small legs work in a super frequency under tension and make a good figure on the chatter or spinnerbait.

The entire underside is equipped with fine fins and provide the finest vibrations or swirls when dragging over the bottom. 

Package content: 8 pieces
Flavour: Garlic
Size: 8,9 cm with weight: 6,42 g