GT-BIO Kamaleo Sandeel 155


The package includes: 1 Kamaleo body, weedless hook + 15 or 25 gram Jig Head

Extra Soft Body
Kamaleo Sandeel body is made with a new extra soft body formula, more flexible and resistant, allowing a natural swimming action, strong vibrations and high durability.

Lifelike Colours
A new colour technology allowing super natural patterns. Kamaleo Sandeel colours are outstanding, turning it into a super realistic soft bait. Fish belly, bright on the light with colour shifting on back light. 

Lead-Free Jig Head
The jig head is made with ZAMAK, a Lead-Free Zinc alloy with Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper, bio-friendly jig head.

Extra Strong hook
Specially developed by GT-Bio to the Kamaleo Sandeel the Extra Wide Gap Hook is a 4x strength hook to support the biggest fish. The extra wide gap and the super sharp hook point providing an easy and safe hook up.

Easy Rig System
Kamaleo Sandeel it’s easy to assemble due to the Easy Rig System. This is composed by a hitch wire and a support pin that together fixes perfectly the body to the jig head.

Strong Link
The one piece hitch wire together with the extra strong wide gap hook, provides a Strong Link between the line and fish.

Natural Swimming
The special paddle and body design have been developed to creat a natural swimming action. The result it’s a natural swiming Sandeel, with nice vibration, natural movement and flow even at slow retrieve.

Bio-Friendly Lure
We care about the environment, going green just makes sense!

That’s why we apply several concepts to Kamaleo Sandeel to turn it bio-friendly.

– Lead-free Jig Head
– Phthalates-free Body
– Endocrine disruptors free
– Arsenic-free lure
– Easily recycled packaging
– Sustainable EU production