LureJunks Weepin 20,5 cm


Lure Junks Weepin 20,5 cm
The WEEPIN has the classic Lurejunks pectoral and dorsal fins, as well as the distinctive head shape. It gets its name thanks to the small pin between the horizontally attached tail fin, which is also elaborated with the finest lines.

In order to draw the attention of the predator to the bait during pelagic fishing, the WEEPIN can be moved very strongly and expansively by means of the rod, so that corresponding pressure waves are created under water. Once the predator is under the lure and we hold it as still as possible, the WEEPIN remains horizontal in the water column. The finest tugs in the line are transferred to the pin between the tail fin, so that the predator is also addressed and remains interested. The silhouette with the pectoral and dorsal fins, as well as the protruding tail fin, do not arouse the predator's suspicion.

Another special feature is the vertical slit in the dorsal fin, in which a claw treble or other commercially available treble can be perfectly and catchingly hidden.

Package content: 1 piece