Rapala Crushcity The Stingman


The Rapala Crushcity Stingman is part of Rapala’s first and newest softbait range. A bait that might look like a regular softbait but is far from the same. 

Let us explain the power of the Crush city Stingman: The Crushcity Stingman is made with special technology which balances the softbait to the maximum perfection. Making the lure useable for all sorts of techniques like dropshot, weedless, weightless, on a regular Jighead and even effective on a Carolina rig. 

The belly of the lure is filled with salt while the back is made of flexible material. The salt makes the belly heavier than it’s back, that’s why the lure always has a natural position in the water. The Salt adds weight to the lure, making it perfect for a weightless presentation or slow retrieve action. 

Using Smart Injection Technology, each bait combines custom combinations of color, flake, salt, and scent, which are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation.

Great for fishing Perch, Bass, Pike, Zander and Seabass! 


7,5CM packed per 10 pieces

10CM packed per 8 pieces

12,5CM packed per 6 pieces