Revolution Tackle Dagshad Mini 10 cm (5pcs)


The Dagshad 10 cm 
It is a very voluminous lure with a rather rounded body shape. The powerful paddle, with its special shape and size, provides a decent drive, which gives a pronounced and flowing "rolling action". As the bait rolls from flank to flank, the very large, real glass eyes stand out, appearing and disappearing alternately.

It is well known that the pike is an ambush hunter who likes to pursue large prey fish, which it usually attacks on the head.

For our designs we use high-quality, pearling pigments, which give each individual lure a personal character with an individual shimmer and special shine!

Package content: 5 pieces
Size: 10 cm 

Please note: Each lure is unique! It is therefore quite possible that there is a little more glitter in one model and a little less in another. The color gradients can also be different.