Revolution Tackle Hel Shad 19 cm


The Hel Shad size 19 cm (2 pieces per package)

The Hel-Shad has come a long way. It was created in 2018. After almost 3 1/2 years it has made it into our permanent range. For us, as bank anglers, it is mainly used as a "no-action shad" that we like to use for jigging and with success. However, its absolute strength lies in vertical / pelagic use!

The idea behind the fin tail

Flexibility & individuality - you can change the action of the bait in just a few seconds. Design the Hel Shad as you like it best. The Fin-Tail leaves it up to you how you use it. If you leave it in its full-surface design, it generates maximum pressure and movement during the animation.

You can also convert it to a V-tail with two cuts. You decide whether it is narrow and filigree or wide. And if you want to reduce the action to a minimum, you simply detach the fin completely and get a pin tail. This is particularly useful with the size of 26 cm with its elongated and slim rear section.

2PCS per package

Length 19 cm
Weight approx. 38,5 gram
Glass eye 10 mm 

Please note: The Hel Shad should lie straight in the box and not be balled up. This basically applies to all rubber fish, but the base of the tail and the fin-tail are sensitive. If something is kinked - simply put it straight again and after a few days the deformation will adjust itself again (depending on the extent).