Stucki Fishing - Kingsizer


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Swiss designed lures with great action! Like the Kingsizer.

The Kingsizer is the ultimate lure for pelagic and vertical fishing for zander and pike. The special rubber compound and shape of this lure make it dance through the water in a very seductive way. You can fish the Kingsizer with light or very heavy heads, its action is always very dynamic and catchy. The V-shape of the tail is connected to a thin membrane, which gives the lure more movement over the whole body under water; however, this membrane can easily be removed and so instead of a wide, flat tail the lure has a fine V-tail, which gives the lure a completely different running behaviour. The Kingsizer is available in 6 colours; whether summer or winter, whether murky or clear water, there is a suitable colour for every situation.

4PCS per package!

Length: 20cm

Weight: 30gr

Style: Vertical and/or Pelagic