Revolution Tackle Channa Tail 52 cm


The Channa-Tail size 52 cm!

A real pike magnet that can be used very well for many methods: Lyre, jigging, pulling or trolling. We designed the sickle tail so that it starts to run with the slightest pull.

In addition to the sickle tail, we deliberately opted for pectoral fins, which we manufacture individually and glue to the body. The fins provide additional micro-movements and round off the overall picture.

Don't be put off by the length information! Even the 52 cm Channa tail is completely inhaled by pike around 80 cm. How it works? The sickle tail gives it a large appearance but does not offer any resistance when biting. The pike and not infrequently the zander folds in the sickle tail. Thus the bait disappears completely in the mouth and the treble hooks can grab safely!

In particular, the large Channa tail with its 52 cm is ideal for trolling. The bait works even with the slowest pull! In our experience, the ideal towing speed is between 2.0 and 3.2 km/h. You can of course go faster or slower.

1PCS per package

Length 52 cm
Weight approx. 240 gram