V-ONE 23


The box contains: 1 body, 1 rig and 1 screw head.


'Prepare yourself for the most epic fishing trip of your life!' 

On the hunt for big predatory fish? This bait matches your adventures. It's unique tail is designed to make gentle 'open and close' movements when jigging the V-ONE up and down. Something even the biggest ones never seen before!

From every angle the V-ONE looks obese! Another thing which is quite unique for a V-tail design, and very hard to resist for big fish! It's like a protein bar for those pumped up fish which never skip 'fin' day. 

No useless big eyes, just the right size and very lifelike!


23 centimeters including screwball jig. Rigged with a 50 grams screw jig, a matte swivel link and matte hook. In other words; ready to get down to business!