LureJunks Huddsher 11,5 cm


Lure Junks Huddsher 11,5 cm
The Huddsher has a total length of 11.5 cm and comes in four colors. The Softbaits have a lot of flavour (garlic) and salt, which is worked directly into the rubber compound, so that the predators grab without suspicion and keep the lure in their mouth for longer to convert every bite.

Here we also have the split dorsal fin as with our finisher. The Huddsher can also be fished wonderfully on the offset hook from VMC. The pectoral fins are attached horizontally to the lure, so additional turbulence is created as soon as the Huddsher is offered vertically or on the dropshot. 

Package content: 4 pieces
Flavour: Garlic
Size: 11,5 cm with weight: 6,75 g