VMC - Pike Chain Rig


The Pike Chain rig from VMC is a perfect rig system for pike fishing. It is ultra-reliable and easy-to-install. It features unbreakable barrel swivels and split rings. So you won't have to worry about the sharp teeth of pike.

This rig is fitted with a Hybrid 1X treble hook in size 2/0. The Pike Chain comes in 3 sizes to fit most of your soft lures for pike fishing. It features a stinger designed to hold the hook in your soft bait. This stinger detaches during attacks to protect your soft bait from the pike's teeth during the fight.

TIP: Add a Refill screw and Refill weight to create a complete system for your softbaits! 

Total lenght: 
S: 7,5 cm 
M: 9 cm 
L: 10,5 cm 
Perfect combination size chart
Size S     with Lurejunks Weepin 20,5 cm
You can combine all sizes with the VMC Mustache Rig