Rapala Crush City 54 cm Perch Clean Up Craw


HOT STUFF! It's almost in our shop and ready for your tacklebox. The Rapala Crushcity range with baits like The Kickman, Stingman, Cleanup Craw and the Ned BLT

We tested it for almost a year and are finally able to show you some of the results, and tell you why the Crush City range is so damn effective, thought through, and unique! 


Let's be honest: We got our hands on some of the Rapala Crush City baits and were a bit sceptical in the beginning. It seemed like it were just some regular softbaits like most of the brands are bringing to the market. But ofcourse; Rapala did not let us down when we started testing, and understanding how this softbait was created. Rapala is known for their hardbaits since 1936, and this is the first year they came with a softbait range. Which is surprisingly late, but they had to come with something perfect. And perfect things take time and development!

Let's have a short look at the range of products and some incredible catches with the Crush City Range! 


A big fat 75cm zander took a bite on the 12,5 cm Rapala Crush City Kickman!

The Kickman and Stingman

The Rapala Crush City Kickman and Stingman are part of Rapala’s first and newest softbait range. Whilst one uses a paddle tail that even swings with slow retrieve, the other has a pin-tail action, suitable for different styles of technique! They come in 7,5, 10 and 12,5cm's!

The power of the Crushcity Kickman and Stingman: 

The belly of the lure is filled with salt while the back is made of flexible material. The salt makes the belly heavier than it’s back, that’s why the lure always has a natural position in the water. 

Using Smart Injection Technology, each bait combines custom combinations of color, flake, salt, and scent, that are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation

During summer Charlie caught here PB of 50cm's on the Rapala Crush City Kickman!  

The Cleanup Craw 

Rapala Crush City Cleanup Craw is designed for several techniques: Carolina rig, Ned rig, Cheburashka rig, Texas rig, and we even fished it succesfully on a regular jighead. The Cleanup Craw features two large aggressively flanged claws that produce a tight kicking action. The heavily ribbed design also helps move a ton of water and hides your hook points for easy weedless rigging. The bait is 9cm in length and weights 8 grams. 

The Cleanup craw is also made with Smart Injection Technology, each bait combines custom combinations of color, flake, salt, and scent, that are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation.

A sudden bite delivered Silvian his biggest perch of all times on the Cleanup Craw! 54 cm of Perch! Which is hard going to beat, but who knows what the cleanup craw will bring this season! 


The Ned BLT

The Ned BLT is a perfect sized Ned Rig style bait made from a TPE material that is extremely durable and stretchable. Perfect for fishing on a Ned jig head. The Rapala Crush City Ned BLT is a must-have for finesse situations. The Ned BLT has a high buoancy, which suits a ned rig style perfectly!

This 7,5cm softbait will be a banger for perch and zander this year!

Available in many colors the Ned BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) will be such fun to fish this season! 

All crushcity lure's can be found here!

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